About me

Franco-American and bilingual by birth, I was raised in Florida and Northern California while spending all my summers on the Atlantic coast of France.

After earning a Master’s in a French university, I started a career in teaching only to realize that translation was truly my preferred way of nurturing and sharing my two languages and cultures. My life-long passion for movies and dialogue naturally lead me to subtitle adaptation.

I delight in adapting. I delight in exploring style and register to best serve each story. From the most polished sentence to the raunchiest dialogue, from a technical detail to the smuttiest of gags, I love finding the mot juste. As the years and films go by – comedies, dramas, music documentaries – I sharpen the tools of my trade and perfect my capacity to adapt to all genres.

Often working with a co-author, I enjoy close collaboration and the complementary interpretations that come with it. A good listener, precise and meticulous, with well-honed communication skills, I know how to create the conditions necessary for effective teamwork based on high standards and trust.

In parallel to adapting dialogue into subtitles, I have in-depth knowledge of all the steps involved in subtitling, with 10 years of intensive practice simulating subtitled films for Titra Film Paris.

Whether you are producing or distributing an art-house film or a blockbuster, I’d be thrilled to offer you my skills and enthusiasm. What are your needs today?

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Skills & Services

  • Adaptation (FR – US ENG & US ENG – FR)
  • Simulation (quality check)
  • Translation of screenplays, synopses, treatments, press kits…
  • Spotting/ Placement of existing subtitles
  • Re-adapting existing translations
  • Re-synchronization / Offset
  • Script updating (US ENG & FR)

(Adaptation and technical work done on professional software: EZ TITLES IV)